CEIUC, depending on the Vicerrectoría Académica of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, is an open and flexible organization formed by diverse knowledge areas academics committed to the teaching, outreach and research about the globalization, from an inter and multi disciplinary perspective.

Nicolás Cobo R.,Mariana Perry F., Zuzy Thomas V., J.Emilio Cheyre E.


Juan Emilio Cheyre Espinosa, Founding Director. Doctor in Political Science and Sociology, Complutense University of Madrid; ex Commander in Chief of the Chilean Army (2002-2006).
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Nicolás Cobo Romaní, Co Director of Management and Projects. Lawyer, Catholic University of Chile; Candidate for Doctor of Law, University of Salamanca; Master of Commerce and International Finance, Barcelona University. Professor, School of Law of the Catholic University of Chile.
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Mariana Angélica Perry Fauré, Analyst. Candidate for Master of International Studies, University of Chile; Licentiate in History, Catholic University of Chile.
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Zuzy Thomas Villalobos, Secretary. Executive Secretary with specialization in computers, DUOC UC.
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Academic Council

The Academic Council is headed by the Center’s Director, who collaborates with the Council in defining and guiding the plans, programs, and actions required for the proper functioning of the CEIUC. The Council will has the particular duty of approving contracts for research or long-term services, as well as all initiatives for the elaboration of educational programs. Currently, its members include:

• Roberto Guerrero Valenzuela, Vice Dean of the UC School of Law.
• Patricio Bernedo Pinto, Director of the UC History Institute.
• Tomás Chuaqui Henderson, Director of the UC Political Science Institute.
• Fernando Ossa Scaglia, UC College of Economics and Management.
• Eduardo Valenzuela Carvallo, Director of the UC Institute of Sociology.

Research Associates

Daniel Correa Sabat. Lawyer UC. Candidate for Doctor of Law; Master of International Studies, Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, Spain. (Mr. Correa is currently in Spain completing his Ph.D.) .
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Marcos Lima Aravena. Formerly Executive President of Codelco. Civil Industrial Engineer with specialization in Chemistry, UC. Professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Systems, and Director of the Research Program on Economics of Minerals of the Catholic University of Chile.
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Sebastián López Escarcena. Lawyer and Licentiate in Aesthetics UC. Doctor of Law, Edinburgh University; Master of Law, Leiden University, Holland. Professor of the School of Law of the Catholic University of Chile..
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Rodrigo Escobar Moragas. Doctor of Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Professor of the College of Engineering of the Catholic University of Chile.
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Felipe Moreno G. Master of Journalism and International Relations, City University, London, UK; Licentiate in Letters and Philosophy, UC. Advisor to the Minister of the Interior of the Government of Chile, Edmundo Pérez Yoma.
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Hernán Salinas Burgos. Lawyer UC. Candidate for Doctor of Law, Catholic University of Chile; Master of International Law, University of Chile. Professor of the School of Law of the Catholic University of Chile.
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